Jiří Houžvička

Developer, student but mainly technology lover...

Not long after my childhood I started training myself in programming (.NET, html, css, php) on my own. Till today I have worked on several professional websites, including business projects (To Be Happy s. r. o., BNM-Medical s. r .o. etc.) and art design (Art Campus Prague, s .r. o.).

With such a goal in my mind – and much motivated to profound my studies – I applied for a secondary school renowned for its IT facilities. However, in a short time I realised that the teaching methods are mostly based on a theoretical approach with no factual practice. I was much disappointed by the situation and if there was not for my other efforts I would probably not get the necessary experience. In years that followed I obtained many certificates (e.g. Cisco CCNA 1-4, Microsoft Technology Associate) and participated in numerous competitions (Cisco Net Competition 2012, IT Junior 2013), more than once with a great success on an international level. My achievements pushed me further and I was granted a scholarship with a chance to educate myself home (under the Czech Microsoft branch) and abroad (the EU-sponsored intensive Leonardo da Vinci course of creative web design and 3D modelling). Furthermore I became involved in the STC programme for advanced computer training and worldwide MSP (Microsoft Student Partner) net. Nonetheless, the greatest success was yet to come: After gaining a Microsoft Office Specialist certificate last year I could participate in a multinational MO competition holding place in Washington D. C. Not merely I won the competition, but I was given a financial award which I decided to keep for my further studies. That’s when I decided on my school final project – to share my knowledge with elementary and secondary school teachers and to spread various techniques, which (hopefully) would once help skilful students to create rather than to know how to create. Nowadays I cooperate with several academic institutes, which make me – along with other duties – very busy. Still I have some free time to spare with my friends and to pursue my hobbies, such as travelling, amateur theatre and music.

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